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Tree of Voices

Novel for young adult readers (12+)

Alya is 12 and her parents are quarrelling, maybe even divorcing. They send her to spend a holiday with her relatives in a remote village that is overflowing with unopened boxes – hordes of travelling salesmen with unlimited persuasive powers have invaded the village and the villagers could not resist an exhausting, self-destructive shopping spree. Only one house is still safe because a young boy, Edmund, is guarding it with his very special voice. But his strength is running out and Alya must team up with him on a journey to the Tree of Voices, deep in the heart of fantasy land. She will find there not only strange creatures and dangerous situations but also the courage to face what is happening at home.

34.262 words, translated into English.


Slovenian edition: Grlica, 2005


The novel was shortlisted for the Desetnica award for the best Slovenian novel for young readers.

Slovenian reviews

Večer newspaper, February 2006: “Alice in wonderland would be Alya’s good friend”