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The Finger

Stage play

The Finger is satire on the situation in transitional countries after the fall of crony communism and flowering of the crony capitalism. JANKO (60) is the greatest Slovenian writer, famous dissident – something that doesn’t sell in modern times. His creativity is blocked.

His wife BARBRA (48) is former model and now fights for the spiritual development of the humankind. After a series of events Barbara changes her husband into something that her nation currently needs: a saint. Janko disagrees and wants to flee.

In the end, they reach the compromise: Barbra cuts Janko’s finger off and get her holy relict of the new religion, while Janko can start writing his new novel.


Play: Premiere: Vesel teater, 2011
Second production: LITERARNO DRUŠTVO LIvRA VRANSKO, 2013
Third production: Študentje društva primerjalne književnosti z zunanjimi sodelavci, 2014
Book: Ekslibris, 64 pages, ISBN: 978-961-6838-37-5.