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Magical Words

Picture book

With this picture book, children will for the first time think about how their parents see them and how they see themselves - and they will be able to discuss the differences with them.

Illustrations Štefan Turk


Slovenia: Založba Malinc, 2023, 48 pages, ISBN: 978-961-7122-52-7

From the cover

Words have their own power, sometimes even so much that they make us unrecognizable.
The picture book Miracle Words talks about the pressure we put on children with our expectations and our responsibility for the message we give them.

Author’s comment

I got the idea for the picture book when I watched parents cheering on their children. When they won, they were supermen. When they were losing, jerks. I thought, well, kids are actually trying to please their parents, so they become supermen for this moment and jerks for the next moment.

Parents’ words therefore have miraculous power. They should be careful how they describe their children to themselves.

I wrote a picture book where children will be able to ask themselves for the first time how their parents see them and how they see themselves. A picture book for conversations between children and parents, for the most precious moments of the parent-child relationship.