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Left to Do It All Alone


A pitiful Mother with a miserly husband and two adult sons still living at home. And she is left to do it all alone. Until her husband has a stroke and becomes an entirely different man. A mysterious and seductive stranger who tries to entice her into a world of pleasure.

First night, November 2021, at the Gledališče Toneta Čufarja, Jesenice.

From the theatre programme

When I was invited by the Jesenice Theatre to write a comedy for them, I initially declined but soon changed my mind. Firstly, this was my native Jesenice, secondly, a comedy, the most difficult of genres that I deeply respect.

We are generally blind to reality and live most of our lives habitually, on auto-pilot, because that is just the way people around us live and that is the way our parents lived. This is why I think it is so very precious when we can see our daily rituals and deeds on stage and laugh at them. Laughter is half of reality and if we are capable of laughing at ourselves we have already taken a step away from the worst. So much evil was and still is caused by people who take themselves dead seriously.

Left to Do It All Alone is at its heart a story about fear before pleasure. However small and brief, how often do we interrupt it precisely because we wonder what the neighbours will say? Or our adult children, like in this comedy.