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Short stories.

Twelve short stories about the times when the sin of greed became a virtue.

From the cover

A successful businesswoman becomes involved with a younger man, a talented musician, but there is something that constantly bothers her – what are his motives? What does he want from her? She knows very well that what makes the world turn round is sheer greed – no meal, even if just a plate of lentil soup, is free. But greed is not a single thing, there are various forms of greed; people’s motives vary and what drives us often remains an elusive mystery. In a highly technicized world where humans are slowly being replaced by machines, long more intelligent than us in many aspects, true self-reliance is rare and ways of fighting for one’s place in society resolute. Our routine is only seemingly structured and settled, even a tiny slip can open up an abyss of chaos.


Slovenia: Goga, 2018, 162 pages, ISBN: 978-961-277-203-1, COBISS.SI-ID: 294904576.