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Going Home

A tragedy of confusions (based on a true fate)

He wanted to go home but he forgot where home was. He was very old so everybody else already forgot about him (or didn't want to remember him).

I started writing the play GOING HOME after a sleepless night having read an article in the newspaper titled Death in shackles of elderly man stopped at Gatwick ‘shameful’ with the subtitle Ombudsman says Home Office detention of Alois Dvorzac, 84, who was suffering dementia and heart disease, was on ‘threshold of inhuman’.


The play was selected as United Kingdom finalist for Creative Europe Playwriting Award for POP Drama.

The jury said: “Truly embracing POP Drama’s desire to see plays about Social Exclusion, Going Home was found to be ‘Challenging in Form and Subject’, and the panel applauded the author on the ‘sophisticated handling’, ‘universality’ and ‘real pathos’. The judges also agreed that it was a play that you ‘have to go talk about’, that it may transfer well onto screen as a 30-minute film and had such power, they ‘couldn’t go and read another play afterwards’.” (read more)

Out of 347 texts, Going Home ended second.

Staged readings

UK Rehearsed Readings

Originally chosen by University of Wolverhampton, and performed at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, on Monday 28th November 2016: