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Miha Mazzini is the most widely read Slovenian columnist and until recently he was regularly writing for the Slovenian portal. Internationally his pieces have appeared in Polish magazine Przekrój and Guardian among others.

Here is just a small selection:


Who Killed Gutenberg’s Magic Circle? for the Independent Publishing Magazine.
Nonfiction books used to be part of a magic circle: they brought new ideas, got readers excited, making them reach their own ideas and create new books.
Today they are just another piece of merchandise among many. What happened?


Walking round the world in a day – in Ljubljana, Slovenia for the Guardian (travelogue, tourism, travel, imagination, lockdown)


A Foreigner in Your Own Home – The Story of Slovenia’s Erased for Przekrój (illegal immigrants, stateless, state violence, government, human rights)

Never Stop Trying for Przekrój (lockdown, Covid, Camino, writing, creation)

Raise Your Own Robot! for Przekrój (education, emotional exchange, learning, emotional intelligence, phones, children, toddlers)

COVID-19 Has Transposed Us to the Future for Przekrój (pandemics, segregation according to age and health, ageism)


Unfinished Births for (fathers, mothers, upbringing, children, telecommunications, education)


Slovene mother for (mothers, fathers, programming the children, mentality)
The column got so popular that is by now shared without attributing the author, like a folk tale.
It was published in the book If you don’t like it here, move out!