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Screen & Stage

Screen & Stage

Stay Safe

Short film

He wants to kill himself but smart apps and apliances are not allowing him to do it.

Projekt Mazzini, 2021, 20 minutes


Feature film

States often erase some of their citizens, turning them into stateless persons. This is just one of those stories.

Gustav film, 2018, 85 minutes

Yugoslav Mexico (YuMex)

TV documentary

Story about the Mexican music craze in the communist Yugoslavia.

Gustav film, 2013, 45 minutes

Christmas Dinner

TV film

Story of two generations and two men who must make the hardest decision of their lives. More precisely: they think they're making the decision.

RTV Slovenia, 2012, 58 minutes

The Visit

Short film

He must visit his father and tell him a terrible news. Again.

Gustav film, 2011, 10 minutes

A Very Simple Story

International web video project

Same story, different actresses/actors from different countries.


Piccolo Willy – The Orphan with the magic voice

Short film

Musical, horror and comedy - all together now!

2003, 14 minutes

Sweet Dreams

Feature film

'Bizarre and hilarious... A hysterically dark coming-of-age story ... It's the kind of neutral-hued, brutal nostalgia that only formerly Communist countries can pull off, and it's delightful from beginning to end.' - Annie Wagner, THE STRANGER

2001, 35 mm, 120 minutes

You’re Free. Decide.

Short film

They're stuck deep inside enemy territory. And enemy is coming ...

2000, 15 minutes

Cartier Operation

Feature film

An immigrant worker from Bosnia falls in love with the actress Nastassja Kinski. To be able to approach her, he has to become famous himself. That's why he sets off on a journey to fame in a black comedy with a twist in its tale.

RTV Slovenija, 1991, 90 minutes

Screen & Stage

Left to Do It All Alone


A pitiful Mother with a miserly husband and two adult sons still living at home. And she is left to do it all alone. Until her husband has a stroke and becomes an entirely different man. A mysterious and seductive stranger who tries to entice her into a world of pleasure.

Gledališče Jesenice, 2021

Going Home

A tragedy of confusions (based on a true fate)

He wanted to go home but he forgot where home was. He was very old so everybody else already forgot about him (or didn't want to remember him).



Stage play

A story about ordinary couple in the safe world of today – with apps and gadgets designed to be smart and to make life easier; and those two in midst of them getting slowly crazy and trying to find themselves and their way out.


The Finger

The Finger is satire on the situation in transitional countries after the fall of crony communism and flowering of the crony capitalism.


Flight to Rome

Stage play

Two very different men meet at the airport chapel. They both have a very special talent, but one has with him a bomb and the other God (maybe).


Screen & Stage

The ultimate speed race

Interactive chatboot adventure

In 23rd century, they kidnap the best drivers from previous centuries for the ultimate speed race. You are among them. Do you dare to accept the challenge?

Written for Goodyear. Slovenian and Croatian language, 2019.

Eat for Democracy!


What do you get when you correlate food recipes and democracy indexes? Take a look!