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Screen & Stage


The Place Where All Your Wishes Come True


There is a place where all your wishes come true. But will you pay the price?

Slovenian edition, 2021

Hidden History of Slovenia

Picture book

All you wanted to know about the hidden Slovenian history but you didn't have anybody to ask.

Slovenian edition 2021


A novel.

Two old fighters from the different sides during WWII meet while Yugoslavia is falling apart. When the night is over, they will find out whom to hate.

Slovenian edition, 2020


A novel.

A married couple in a mid-life crisis goes on the trip to Africa hoping everything will turn out alright. it will but in unexpected ways.

Slovenian edition, 2019


Short stories.

Twelve short stories about the times when the sin of greed became a virtue.

Slovenian edition, 2018

Map of Other Lives

A novel

A literary thriller about a man, who buys not only a stolen iPad but a deadly secret with it.

Slovenian edition, 2016


An autographic novel in fictitious stories.

Seventeen stories, one life. Or at least first five years of it.

Slovenian edition, 2015
Serbian edition, 2019


A novel.

The state has taken her identity and now they've come for her child.

Slovenian edition, 2014
Serbian edition, 2015
Macedonian edition, 2015
Italian edition, 2018
Polish edition, 2020
Hungarian edition, 2020
German edition, 2021
English edition, 2023

Full schedules, empty days

Short stories

Eleven short stories from everyday life.

Slovenian edition, 2012

Paloma negra

A novel.

A man has signed his own death warrant. And now he is tempted back to life with love, music and beauty.

Slovenian edition, 2012
English edition, 2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2024

The Finger

Stage play

Slovenian edition, 2012


Short story collection

Ten stories, ten persons or objects that won't remain in the past ...

Slovenian edition, 2010

German lottery

A novel

Yugoslavia in the years of communist terror. Only ray of hope is an unique charity where every ticket is free and everyone wins, where stakes are getting higher and higher, until one day somebody wins a jackpot ...

Slovenian edition, 2010
English edition, 2012
German edition, 2016

Clear moments

Short story collection.

What if you suddenly see in a clear moment that all of your life is based on a lie? Would you try to ignore it, fight it, will you stay broken? Fourteen moments, fourteen decisions, fourteen stories.

Slovenian edition, 2007


A punk novel

An immigrant worker from Bosnia falls in love with the actress Nastassja Kinski. To be able to approach her, he has to become famous himself. That's why he sets off on a journey to fame in a black comedy with a twist in its tale.

Slovenian edition, 1987 (54000 copies!)
American edition, 2004
English edition, 20014
Macedonian edition, 2015

The King of the Rattling Spirits


"The King of the Rattling Spirits is Miha Mazzini's hilarious and touching fictional memoir of coming of age in 1970s Yugoslavia where rock'n'roll—regardless of what mothers or dictators believed—was king."

Slovenian edition, 2001
American edition, 2005
Croatian edition, 2005
Czech edition, 2005
Italian edition, 2008
French edition, 2019
Spanish edition, 2023

Guarding Hanna

A Novel

He was born a freak. With above-average intelligence, which soon realises that a body bent on destruction cannot live among others.

Slovenian edition, 2000
English edition, 2008
Serbian edition, 2008
Polish edition, 2008
Italian edition, 2011
Turkish edition, 2015

Collector of Names

A Novel

Night on an island. The well behaved and polite demon will come from the woods and ask you for your name. If you answer, you are left without a name. Can anybody live without it? Even through that single night?

Slovenian edition, 1993
English edition, 2009

Satan’s Crown

A Novel

A man with very heightened senses (he can see bacteria floating in the air; bodily fluids oozing from every single pore in human skin) falls in love with a woman. But to love is to touch. Can love overcome his senses?

Slovenian edition, 1993


Magical Words

Picture book

With this picture book, children will for the first time think about how their parents see them and how they see themselves - and they will be able to discuss the differences with them.

Slovenian edition, 2023

Green Monster

Picture book

Picture book about envy and how to handle it.

Slovenian edition, 2017

Star call

Novel for young adult readers (12+)

Modra ptica award for the best YA novel.

Slovenian edition, 2016
Serbian edition, 2018

Tree of Voices

Novel for young adult readers (12+)

Slovenian edition, 2005

Time Is A Big Chocolate Cake

Picture book

About time and parents who spend their days at the office.

Slovenian edition, 1999


The Secret of Our Success


Selection from the essays about the Slovenian customs, culture and way of living, written for between 2014 and 2017.

Slovenian edition, 2017

Only Laughter Can Save Us


Selection from the essays about the Slovenian customs, culture and way of living, written for between January 2013 and June 2014.

Slovenian edition, 2014

Born for Stories

Nonfiction book about writers and creativity.

Slovenian edition, 2012
English Kindle edition, 2014

If You Don’t Like It Here, Move Out


Selection from the essays about the Slovenian customs, culture and way of living, written for between May 2010 and June 2011.

Slovenian edition, 2011

How to google


Manual for googling.

Slovenian edition, 2009,
Hungarian edition, 2009
Indian edition, 2012