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Born for Stories

Nonfiction book about writers and creativity.

What is the difference between an idea and inspiration?

And between an improver and a creator?

Is alcohol a requisite for creating? What about the drugs? Mental illness?

An endless number of books have been written about creativity. It has been dealt with by scientists, but all they could do was observe and record, without sharing the experience of artistic inspiration itself. Artists, on the other hand, love telling all sorts for things but do not dare analyze their own creative process: what if doing so meant destroying it?

Books whose authors combine scientific reflection with artistic feeling are extremely rare. Miha Mazzini published 30 books before taking his PhD in anthropology of everyday life, he also writes scripts and directs films. So he is undoubtedly the right person to guide you through all stages of creation and offer their explanation by intertwining different areas from biology to neurology and to an analysis of social impacts. Working on this book took him several years.


Slovenia: E-besede, 2012, 240 pages. 
ISBN: 9789616693974 (hard cover)
ISBN: 9789616693967 (soft cover)

English Kindle edition, 2014, ISBN: 978-961-6922-35-7