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A Very Simple Story

International web video project

Same story, different actresses/actors from different countries.

The Story:

Manuel Bravo: I first read the story of Manuel Bravo in BBC news. The man killed himself on the night before returning him and his son to Angola (read it here).

After awhile they reported that they don’t send back the children without parents. The son stayed in England.

So, Manual Bravo was a hero – he killed himself to let his son stay in England?

Obviously not. I read an article about how depressed he was, whether the pills would help him, what kind of pills, the need for more cameras in dormitories, more control, … etc.

The man was a hero and western world is so far removed from courage that they just didn’t get it – it pissed me off and it inspired me to write a story.

The story was published in my collection Clear Moments and you can read it here.

The Project

I decided to write some friends and ask them to tell this story in front of camera, as if the story happened to them.

This site is just collection of links to YouTube videos they made.

The Rules

Everybody can participate in the project; you must follow these rules:

  1. the film must look realistic and simple, maybe even one shot only
  2. you must tell this story in your own way – please adapt it to your age, gender, situation, country, point of view …
  3. the last frame of the film must be the caption:
  4. if you can, please subtitle the film in English
  5. you must upload the film to YouTube or some other easily accessible video streaming site
  6. if you want to be included in the project, send the link to your video and short information about you, including link to your site. Your work might or might not be included, this is solely my decision.

Watch the stories

Slovenian story
Slovenian story with English subtitles 
Italian story 
Italian story with English subtitles 
Danish story 
French story 
Macedonian story 
UK story 
Canadian story 
Indonesian story 
German story 
Spanish story  


Evin Hadžialjevič made solo dance performance based on A Very Simple Story and won Opus 1 award!
Macedonian version was chosen as part of the off-competition program at the KOTA2023 film festival!
A Very Simple Story has been nominated for Prix Europa 2008!
Slovenian story has been selected for Slovenian film festivalHigh school kids from Rogaska Slatina have made their version!