Miha Mazzini: The Crumbs
Punk novel

An immigrant worker from Bosnia falls in love with the actress Nastassja Kinski. To be able to approach her, he has to become famous himself. That's why he sets off on a journey to fame in a black comedy with a twist in its tale.

Miha Mazzini: Cartier Operation  Miha Mazzini: Cartier Operation Miha Mazzini: Cartier Operation, second edition Miha Mazzini: Cartier Operation, luxury edition Miha Mazzini: Crumbs Miha Mazzini: Crumbs Miha Mazzini: Troški Miha Mazzini: Drobtinice, e-knjiga Cartier Operation, DVD with film


  1. Slovenia: Prešernova družba, 1987, 165 pages, 54,000 copies!
  2. USA: Scala House Press, 2004, ISBN: 0-9720287-4-9
  3. new Slovenian edition with DVD, Rokus, 2006
  4. UK: Freight Books, 2014, ISBN: 978-1908754394
  5. Macedonia: Antolog, 2015, ISBN: 608243087-5


  1. Probably the most fascinating novel you will read this year. (Detroit Free Press, 2005) read more
  2. Detroit Free Press Top 10 Books of the Year 2005 (a list that includes Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan, and Kazuo Ishiguro)
  3. This tale of endurance, infused with desperate humor, is already the best-selling Slovenian novel ever--deservedly. (Booklist, 2005) read more
  4. Confidently recommended reading for a contemporary audience. (Midwest Book Review, 2005) read more
  5. The first person narrative adds an immediacy to some of the writing here, and the pages move briskly. (John Lloyd, TheBookBag, 2014) read more
  6. This book is a fucking weird one. (BookCunt, 2014) read more
  7. Grimy work paints a powerful picture of a town that has failed its inhabitants. (Guardian, 2014) read more
  8. Crumbs is a little gem that will keep the reader interested and entertained with a razor edge to its tomfoolery. (Laura Jones, Publishthing, 2014) read more
  9. Ten Slovenian authors you should know: "is still considered by many as the best modern and generational Slovenian novel that reads intently like genre literature, reminding us of the Catcher in the Rye of the Yugoslav periphery in the late 1980s." (Manca G. Renko, Sinfo, 2016) read more



  1. The best Slovenian novel of the year, 1986
  2. 'Zlata ptica' award for excellent artistic achievement by a young writer, 1988


  1. TV film (imdb), produced by TV Slovenija, 90 minutes.
  2. DVD Rokus, 2006


  1. Slovenian film of the year, selected by the audience
  2. Borut Veselko - actor of the year, selected by the audience
  3. Winner of Prix CIRCOM REGIONAL Fiction 1992


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Miha Mazzini

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